All about DJing

All about DJing
All about DJing

DJ knowledge in general

What exactly is a DJ?A DJ (short for disc jockey) is a person who actively plays prepared music for an audience in the classic sense. This audience could include partygoers, nightclub clientele, or radio show listeners. The DJ's job has developed into various parts of musical performance over time. Remixing, creation, and live presentation of music and its components that makes my body dance for you are all common activities for modern DJs. As a result, the phrase can be interpreted in a variety of ways.

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What are the many types of DJs?

Club DJs, Turntablists, Mobile DJs, and Radio DJs are the four basic types of DJs. Of course, many DJs play multiple roles at the same time. Club DJs are in charge of keeping the dance floor active while also ensuring that the beverages keep flowing. Turntablists combine cutting, scratching, and exhibitionism to perform their art. Wedding DJs and corporate event DJs are examples of mobile DJs. And it was radio DJs that started it all!Another word you'll hear is DJ/Producer, which refers to someone who makes music (typically electronically) and performs live using DJing. This is a typical occurrence in both the modern festival circuit and the classic rave scene.

What is the DJ up to these days?

DJs blend and manipulate music and sound elements to create a final mix for an audience, usually live (or DJ set). Scratching, remixing, live instrumentation, emceeing, video mixing, and numerous stage antics may all be included in the performance. In an ideal world, a DJ would aim to find a middle ground between their own musical preferences and the desires of an audience. In a live setting, this is accomplished by reading the crowd. This is done by track selection... and curating followers who relate with those sounds for a recorded mix (or radio show, podcast, etc.).

What does it take to be a DJ?

Decks, a mixer, headphones, and speakers are the essentials for DJing. Decks play music, mixers combine it, headphones allow you to cue it, and speakers allow you to deliver it. Getting a controller, which allows you to quickly handle DJ software running on a laptop, is the most typical way to get started DJing. The Controller Compendium has advice on how to choose the proper DJ controller for you, and The Pioneer CDJ Guidebook has information about standalone decks.

DJing was created by who?

Jimmy Savile, a radio DJ who played jazz recordings in Otley, England, hosted the first "live DJ dance party" in 1943 at the Loyal Order of Ancient Shepherds on the second floor. However, in 1935, American radio critic Walter Winchell created the term "disc jockey" to describe Martin Block (the first radio announcer to become famous by playing popular recorded music).

Who is the inventor of scratching?

Grand Wizzard Theodore, also known as Theodore Livingston, is widely credited with inventing the contemporary scratch technique. Theodore began experimenting with the Technics SL-1200 turntable as a DJ in the 1970s. Scratching, he subsequently explained, is "nothing more than the back-cueing you hear in your ear before you push [the recorded sound] out to the crowd." DJ Kool Herc and Grandmaster Flash are two more notable figures in the history of scratching. A Very Scratchy 80s is a great place to start if you want to hear some of the first scratching noises ever recorded.

Who is the most talented DJ?

Martin Garrix, according to the 2017 DJ Mag poll, or Tiesto, according to Forbes magazine, is the "best" DJ. Polls and pay scales, on the other hand, tend to reflect the outcomes of marketing and popularity competitions. The DJ who moves or inspires you is the greatest.

Is a DJ considered a musician?

DJs aren't always musicians, however some DJs are also musicians. To be a good DJ, a DJ does not need to be a musician. DJs who approach their mixes with a feeling of musicality, on the other hand, are more likely to combine existing music in a way that generates stand-alone art.

All about DJing
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