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Grimes got grim

WIRED travels to Montreal to speak with female electronic music pioneers and newcomers. Grimes, referring to the PC music artist SOPHIE, remarked earlier this year in an interview with the Guardian, "It's pretty fucked up to name yourself Sophie and pretend you're a girl when you're a male producer." “Female producers are in short supply. ”

The retirement of Daft Punk brings an end to an era of electronic music

The iconic French duo announced their decision with caution, as is customary for them.Their meticulous attention to every detail of their music, collaborators, and appearance, even down to their Hedi Slimane-designed uniforms, revealed their depths of inventiveness and curiosity, and influenced a generation of artists from Kanye West to Frank Ocean.

Statistic confusion

Despite the presence of female electronic pioneers and producers including:

  • Laurie Spiegel
  • Daphne Oram
  • or even Bjork or Kate Bush

Men make up the strong majority of DJs booked for mainstream occasions (9.6% globally in 2015, according to the female:pressure blog ), and electronic music/dance festivals have a similar disparity: WIRED discovered that women made up 13% of the Dimension Festival line-up this year, but women made up only 3% of the announced line-up at Creamfields last year.

Female performers shattering the glass ceiling in electronic music with synths and sexism

The exclusive workshop, which provides

  • lodging
  • food
  • studio space to a select group of artists

holds talks twice a day with speakers such as Matana Roberts and Alex Tumay. Grimes had to step out at the last minute due to a private situation, so she couldn't give her talk as planned. It's not easy being a public female figure in the electronic music industry.

The Year's Best Electronic Music

Pitchfork Drew Litowitz features

  • Peggy Gou
  • Floating Points
  • Joy Orbison, and a lot of deep gems.

On our Spotify playlist, you may listen to some of the songs on this list. Playlist on Apple Music Pitchfork's 2019 wrap-up coverage can be seen here.

Trap music

In the late 2000s and early 2010s, trap music (EDM) evolved from techno, dub, and Dutch House, as well as Southern hip hop. These three characteristics of trap music can be used to categorize it: "1/3 hip hop (tempo and song structure are similar; most tracks are between 70 and 110 bpm) – with vocals sometimes pitched down, 1/3 dance music – high-pitched Dutch synth work, Hardstyle sampling, as well as a plethora of trap remixes of popular EDM songs, and 1/3 dub ".

Trap Pioneers

Some of the artists who promoted this genre, as well as countless other would-be producers, are RL Grime, who released the singles "Core" and "Scylla" in 2014, Flosstradamus, who released their "Hdynation Radio" album in 2015, and Carnage (DJ), who released the tune "Turn Up" in 2012.